KFC Is Going Full 'Stratos' to Send a Chicken Sandwich Into Space

Brand Goes All Out on Zinger's Space Mission

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Jun 13, 2017

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Earlier this year, KFC announced, via its new space commander Colonel played by Rob Lowe, that it would be sending its Zinger chicken sandwich into space, to celebrate the sandwich's arrival in the U.S.

Now, in a style slightly reminiscent to Red Bull's own buildup of its Stratos project, the fast food chain has debuted new videos documenting the real rigor it's putting into its stunt (along with a bit of Hollywood-style polish).

The latest teaser documents what a Zinger sandwich looks like as it undergoes "atmospheric" tests --- which, it turns out, isn't all that exciting. So the film revisits the idea in a more sophisticated "recreation."

The film coincides with KFC's announcement that it's partnering with space flight company World View to send the Zinger into the stratosphere. In a more corporate sponsor-y video that seems a bit out of step with the rest of the campaign, World View experts share info on how the launch will go down. Count down to Zinger lift-off on June 21 on the campaign's dedicated site.