Young Director Award Goes to UNICEF Animated Fundraising Clip

Silvery Animation Shows What a Small Coin Donation Can Do

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Jun 20, 2014

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UNICEF and Qantas Airlines teamed up with Iris Worldwide for its "Change for Good" campaign. The Australian fundraising initiative contends no donation is too small, not even an easily forgotten five cent coin. At first glance, the concept seems like one seen before in late night infomercials -- a mother and child in need of food or water -- requesting contributions.

The gloomy images, that often fade away within the following minutes of a regularly scheduled program, find their power restored in this moving clip firected by Rapid Films newcomer Craig Rasmus. The work, produced by The Feds, features fluid metallic animation born of a silvery coin backed by Australian band The Middle East's track "Blood." Rasmus was awarded first place in the charity category at the Young Director Awards in Cannes this year for his impressive direction .


Jun 20, 2014
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