Ikea Cozies Up to Apple to Promote Lamps That Act as Wireless Chargers

Ads Remind Us That 'Riggad' Will Now Charge Your iPhone 8

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Sep 22, 2017

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There was a time that Ikea liked to make fun of Apple (note its 2014 film which urged us to 'experience the power of a BookBook"). But now the two brands appear to be increasingly cozy. Last week Ikea announced it is using Apple's VR technology for its new Ikea Place furniture-positioning app, and now it's plugging its Riggad Lamps as wireless chargers for your iPhone 8.

The retailer's Riggad lamps, available globally, debuted in 2015 and are aimed at allowing you to charge your phone in your lliving room without the need for plugging in an ugly charging device. Now that iPhone 8 allows wireless charging, a new promotional campaign, by Swedish agency Acne and the Ikea Creative Hub, pays direct tribute to Apple, with lines like "Apple Juice" and creative featuring a half-eaten apple sitting by one of the lamps. The campaign also includes a film with close-ups of the lamp that looks distinctly Apple-esque.

There's no doubt that the two brands are a great fit together, sharing values of sleek, minimalist design and modern, functional living. We'll be on the lookout for further brand coziness: an Apple Store concession in your local Ikea? Or Swedish meatballs at the Genius bar perhaps?


Sep 22, 2017
Agency :
Acne/Ikea Creative Hub
Brand :
Client :
Creative :
Tiago Pinho
Creative :
Isaac Bonnier
Creative :
Joel Lindblad
Creative :
Simon Saarinen
Creative :
Christian Karlsson
Creative :
Anton Bolin
Executive Producer :
David Olsson
Producer :
Maria Widemar
Project Leader :
Lovisa Friman Bendz
Photographer :
Anders Kylberg
Final Art :
Johan Lundgren
Social Media Manager :
Rocio Garrido Rus
Assignment Manager :
Mia Malmström
Assignment Leader :
Louice Alvarsson
Creative Director :
Johan Holmgren
Creative Director :
Morten Kjær
Creative :
Tommy Carlsson

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