This charity created music to help men express their emotions

Initiative by Canada's White Ribbon aims to help end gender-based violence

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Dec 15, 2021

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A new initiative by White Ribbon, the Canadian charity that aims to end gender-based violence and toxic masculinity, centers on a piece of music specifically composed to help men express their emotions.

The project, created via agency Bensimon Byrne, features an original composition, "Uncomposed," which was developed by producer Jared Kuemper with support from Canadian Opera Company Music Director Johannes Debus, working with music cognitive scientists.

The music was performed live by a quintet, in partnership with the Canadian Opera Company at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. A video of the recording documents the experiences of four men of diverse backgrounds as they hear the composition for the first time and discussing how it made them feel.

White Ribbon also conducted a survey on how music can help men change their behavior, which found that 76% of men agreed that music helps release emotions. A previous PSA by the charity showed the corrosive effect that can result of boys being told at a young age that "boys don't cry."

"Our goal is to ignite societal change that promotes emotional literacy and healthy masculinities,” said Humberto Carolo, executive director, White Ribbon, in a statement. “For too long, society has taught men to be ‘strong’ by repressing their emotions. It has heroized this version of masculinity. Uncomposed will start a conversation and encourage men and boys to acknowledge and express a range of complex emotions. We can help end gender-based violence by normalizing and promoting emotional literacy and healthy masculinities among men and boys, and emphasizing that strength is the ability to show vulnerability.” 

You can see more on the campaign website, and listen to the track on Spotify.

White Ribbon on stage

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White Ribbon onstage


Dec 15, 2021
Client :
White Ribbon Canada
Agency :
Bensimon Byrne
Executive Director :
Humberto Carolo
Senior Program Manager :
Louise Moyer
Creative Agency :
Bensimon Byrne
Creative Agency :
One Method
Creative Agency :
Partner/ Chief Creative Officer :
Joseph Bonnici
Executive Creative Director :
Debbie Chan
Executive Creative Director :
David Mueller
Art Director :
Ana Segurajauregui
Art Director :
Angelica Carreno
Writer :
Sophia Wilby
Business Lead :
Marli Bennett
Project Manager :
Efi Eman
Agency Producer :
Michelle Pilling
Production Manager :
Dan Rankin
Media Agency :
Bensimon Byrne
Social Media Director :
Kristina Kosa
Social Media Supervisor :
Rebecca Milner
Social Media Specialist :
Emily Wanamaker
PR Agency :
Executive Creative Director :
Debbie Chan
Vice President :
Lauren Baswick
Vice President :
Stefania Yarhi
Senior Account Manager :
Cole Douglas
Director Experiential :
Melissa Da Costa
Account Manager XM :
Jaclyn Kirk
Production House :
Soft Citizen
Executive Producer :
Link York
Executive Producer :
Jaclyn Morga
Director :
Henry Lu
Director of Photography :
James Arthurs
Line Producer :
Michelle Pilling
Casting :
Power House
Post Production :
Button Factory
Editor :
Tim Pienta
Transfer :
Alter Ego
Colorist :
Wade Odlum
Audio House :
Berkeley Inc.
Creative Director :
Jared Kuemper
Executive Producer :
Tyna Maerzke
Assistant Engineer :
Tyler Young
Original Music :
Berkeley Inc.
Composer :
Kristian Alexandrov
Composer :
Shannon Gaye
Composer :
Jared Kuemper
Musician Violin 1 :
Drew Jurecka
Musician Violin 2 :
Rebekah Wolkstein
Musician Viola :
Shannon Knights
Musician Cello :
Amahl Arulanandam
Musician Bass :
Joseph Phillips
Canadian Opera Company Music Director :
Johannes Debus
Campaign Participant :
Bradley Peel
Campaign Participant :
Scott Johnson
Campaign Participant :
Raj Dhiman
Campaign Participant :
Christopher Hamilton

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