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Girl problems.

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Oct 30, 2012

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Artist/photographer/director Charlie White originally broke onto the art scene with his cinematic and fearsome pictorials that played with our ideas of fiction and reality, unleashing the savage beasts of our pop culture consciousness into real world scenarios. His latest muse, however, is the teenage girl, the focus of his work for the last few years. His most recent project is an experimental album, "Music for Sleeping Children," a collaboration with White has commissioned another artist to interpret each of the album's tracks through video, including this film for the song "Georgia," directed by MJZ's Tom Kuntz.

If you've ever been a teenage girl, the video brings to fore all the complicated, often disturbing feelings of navigating the social world of female adolescence. Juxtaposed against White and Boom Bip's electronic track, it makes for an even more uncomfortable experience.

Kuntz says that he and White have been friends for a while, "Mutual admirers, if you will." White approached him for the project but "did no want to dictate any concept whatsoever," Kuntz adds. "That was part of the process and the concept for him, to subcontract different visions of the music.

That said, Kuntz still took cues from White's own work in his interpretation. "He has such a strong, established visual language that I felt myself feeling the need to stay truthful to that,"he says. "I also felt the song was so bizarre and captivating that the video needed to support it more than define it, so I opted for a stripped-down approach."

The track itself features edited bits from an interview conducted by White, while for the video, Kuntz hired a casting agency to find several teenagers, whom he filmed on set.

For an earlier look at Charlie White's visual approach and study of adolescence, check out this eerie, bubblegum-flavored film he created for adidas in 2006.


Oct 30, 2012
Charlie White
Charlie White
Tom Kuntz
Charlie White

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