From Apple to Chatter Mouth: CNN Continues to Uphold Fact Over Noise in Latest Ad

Latest Spot From Figliulo & Partners Homes in on Distractions

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Nov 16, 2017

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Following its much-buzzed about "Apple" ad from last month, CNN continues to train the spotlight on "facts" in a new spot from Figliulo & Partners, this time, with the help of a chattering teeth toy.

The campaign presents an apple as a metaphor for fact in a media environment cluttered with fake news and noise. This time, the noise takes center stage in the form of the agitated mouth device, which makes its way across the screen in attempt to distract from what's real--the apple.

For the follow-up, "we talked about a range of topics," says F&P CCO Scott Vitrone. "The idea of how distraction is used to confuse, and draw attention away from facts quickly rose to the top."

The campaign has inspired a slew of parodies and even moved other advertisers to take a similar tack--as in this local car dealer ad.