MasterCard : Check In to the Ballgame

Hunt the Yankee stadium seat.

Published On
Jul 31, 2011

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MasterCard and R/GA have teamed up with Facebook Places in a challenge to find 20 decommissioned Yankee stadium seats hidden across New York City, and win VIP tickets to a 2011 Yankee Game.

The campaign, dubbed Check In to the Ballgame, runs from August 1st to 31st, during which time Yankee fans have the chance to spot MasterCard branded seats around the city. Each seat has its own name, such as Doubleheader, Chin Music, and Triple Play. The chairs will be placed at iconic New York restaurants, shops, landmark public locations, and at Yankee fan destinations, such as Katz's Deli, Murray's Bagels, Junior's and The New York Stock Exchange. Fans that find the seats can then scan embedded QR codes, which will check them in at the seat's location via Facebook Places. Once a fan checks in, they make themselves eligible to win VIP tickets to a 2011 Yankee game in MasterCard's Batter's Eye Cafe.

The initiative is part of the larger MasterCard Priceless New York program, which gives consumers access to exclusive experiences throughout the city.