Honey Nut Cheerios channels ‘The Sopranos’ to educate adults on heart health

The newest spot shows an aging member of the mob who has had a change of heart

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Nov 11, 2020

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Cheerios has long been seen as a cereal for kids. Remember the craze of stacking the O-shaped cereal on a baby’s head? The General Mills brand wants to remind adults that it can be part of a heart-healthy diet for them, too.

A spot breaking Wednesday shows a mob boss and members of his crew. The mobsters are shocked when Benny, one of their own, has a cheerier than usual disposition. After complimenting the weather, Benny asks whether any of them have ever gone kayaking (or, to hear him say it, ‘kayakin’”). That’s enough to get him frisked. What do they find? A spoon.

Turns out Benny’s been busy eating Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. “Boss, we’re getting’ up there,” he says. “We can’t keep eatin’ chicken parm and capicola all the time.”

Buzz, the cereal’s mascot, joins in for a little bit of diet education before the “Ungrumpening Mobsters” spot ends with the tagline “Have a Change of Heart” on the screen.

The campaign comes from Anomaly and is the latest take on the brand’s “Change of Heart” messaging. Other ads featuring grumps turned into happier versions of themselves are set to follow in the first quarter of 2021.

Cereal sales have been soaring this year with people eating more of their meals at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. General Mills U.S. cereal sales jumped 10% in its latest quarter.