McDonald's : Cheese

We'd make a cheesy joke, but we love cheese too much.

Published On
Sep 12, 2012

Editor's Pick

When did cheese, glorious cheese, become an evil food, shunned by figure-watchers and vegans alike? This fun print ad from DDB Stockholm for McDonald's cheeseburger gets inside the mind of a cheeseburger, as it defends the one thing that makes it stand apart from its lowly cousin, the plain-old hamburger.

"What's the problem?" the ad asks. "What are you going to eat instead?" After declaring the ridiculousness of passing up a cheeseburger in favor of hot dogs ("Don't make me laugh") and baked beans ("No. That's what I thought.") it launches into a paragraph that sings the praises of the particular cheese inside that gorgeous hamburger, which happens to be the "cheese that makes you discover life again." If this doesn't make you nip out to your nearest Mickey D's, we don't know what will.