Cheetos' Chester Cheetah Gets Political With a Montana Mayoral Bid

The Sneaky Feline Says No to Red Vs. Blue

Published On
Oct 07, 2015

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While the U.S. wrings its hands over whether we'll see a former secretary of state and first lady, a hay-haired fast-talking billionaire TV personality or a former HP CEO in the White House, the town of Chester, Montana has more pressing civic matters to worry over now that Cheetos' spokescat Chester Cheetah has officially announced that he'll be running for its mayor.

In Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' latest campaign for the Frito-Lay brand, the slick feline known for crazy antics such as attempting to "change the universe" and TP the whole world, has set his sights on a political career after discovering there exists a town with his name.

Chester's platform -- "Hope. Change. Change for Snacks" -- includes addressing the much needed repairs of the 837-person town -- like the broken park slide and missing crosswalk. All of which, of course, he plans to paint in Cheetos orange.

The Chester for Chester campaign will encourage Americans to "be through with red vs. blue" and will also include a roving RV and out of home. It will unfold like a real-time election on his Twitter page.