Replace Your Grown-Up Kids With a Dog, Says This Pedigree Campaign

Comedic New Zealand Spots and Print Work Target Empty Nesters

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Mar 20, 2017

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Pedigree is targeting empty nesters in New Zealand with its adoption program in a truly hilarious and original way, encouraging them to replace their grown-up kids with a dog.

Three TV spots, created by Colenso BBDO and directed by Adam Gunser of Exit Films, start out deceptively poignant. Described from a grown-up child's point of view, they recall trying to impress a hard-to-please father with trophies (seen here), building a treehouse with Dad, climbing into your mother's bed during a thunderstorm and hoping to stay there. However, in each, there's a twist -- the parents have now very definitely moved on, with a dog. The tagline is "When they move out, move on."

The campaign also includes some clever and equally funny print ads, in which photos of parents and their kids are recreated with dogs replacing the children, next to an older version of the parent.

The ads drive parents to a website,, where they can find the perfect canine substitute for their child through Pedigree's adoption program. Parents who adopt can even send in their child's old possessions and Pedigree will turn them into new possessions for their dog.

Cormac van den Hoofdakker, marketing manager for Pedigree at Mars New Zealand, said: "A dog can bring so much love, laughter and affection into a house. They bring out the best in you and fill your life with joy, just like kids do, only unlike kids they won't grow up and move to London for work. We really hope we can get more dogs out of shelters and into homes that need them"