Brazil's New Weapon Against Zika Is Children's Songs

Educational Effort From Ministry of Health Packs Information Into Catchy Music

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Apr 04, 2016

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Brazil's latest method for combating the Zika epidemic is children's songs. Working for the Brazilian government's Ministry of Health, BeGIANT Advertainment and local agency Propeg commissioned Brazilian singers to write and perform six children's songs educating them about the three diseases carried by mosquitos -- Zika, dengue and chikungunya. The idea is that children are influencers who will educate their parents, as well as grow up to be more educated about the basics of disease prevention.

The first of six animated "Children Against Zika" video clips was released this week, with a new one coming out every week and airing first on Brazilian network SBT during children's programming.

Each artist is given a different theme, starting with the first singer, Zeca Baleiro, and his topic: mosquitos. His catchy rhyming lyrics are sung in the first person by the mosquito, warning that he is a deadly carrier of Zika, dengue and chikungunya and thrives in standing water.

The campaign will also run online and include a "Children Against Zika" Facebook page. An electronic album of the six songs will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and elsewhere.


Apr 04, 2016
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