Best of 2016 No. 6 TV/Film: Hillary Clinton's Ad From Droga5 Was Nearly 40 Years in the Making

Her Hairstyles and Fashions Have Changed, But Fight for Children Hasn't Wavered, Ad Says

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Jan 31, 2016

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Despite the outcome of the election, Hillary Clinton proved to be an enormous muse for the creative community during election season, whether or not they were working for her in official capacity. The campaign had tapped Droga5 on some of its key ads, including the "Role Models" spot that saw heavy media play in the run-up to election day. But back in January, the agency had created this moving ad, our No. 6 pick for best of TV/Film. Inspired by her entire career, it was 40 years in the making and captured, through her own words, how consistent her message has been in all that time.

Original Story:

Last fall, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign had tapped Droga5 to join its team. Partnering with Jim Margolis, Mandy Grunwald and Dixon/Davis Media, the agency recently debuted its latest effort for the former Secretary of State, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

The new ad has a surprising opening gambit: it begins many years ago, with a scene of a young, much less-polished Hillary Clinton, in owl-like specs, a bright pink blazer and a swept-back, slightly unkempt 'do. She tells an off-camera interviewer about the issues she supports. "One of the areas I've been particularly interested in is the area of children," she says.

The ad then continues with more historical footage of the former Secretary of State, standing at podiums or speaking in front of crowds. Her hairstyles and outfits evolve with the times as the spot goes on, but throughout, the ad cleverly cuts together her speeches to make it seem as if she's delivering a single, seamless monologue about how important it is for our nation to support children and ensure their bright futures. But that's the point, of course. While artful editing clearly helps, the fact that the footage was there to begin with gives the message its credence.

An uplifting track swells in the background as the ad culminates in a modern-day scene from Ms. Clinton's current campaign: "I've spent my life fighting for children, families and our country and I'm not stopping now," she says. The voiceover then gives a tweak on the typical campaign endline: "I'm Hillary Clinton and I've always approved this message."

Droga5 Creative Chairman David Droga tweeted the spot with the message: "a commercial that took nearly 40 years to make."