Panda Express Has Sweet, Festive New Packaging for Chinese New Year

New York-Based Illustrator Jing Wei's Designs Nod to Chinese traditions, Like a Dragon Dance and the Lucky Number 8

Published On
Feb 06, 2018

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Chinese New Year starts on Feb 16, and as New York-based illustrator Jing Wei says, the holiday is "about celebration and togetherness, and eating a ton of food." Such is evident in her festive illustrations for Panda Express' new holiday packaging.

The packaging is red, the celebratory color that's everywhere at the lunar new year, and each piece nods to an element of Chinese culture. Paper cups are decorated with an illustration of a dragon dance. A takeout box has a dinner scene with a grandmother handing her grandchild a red envelope, because cash-stuffed envelopes are a gifting tradition at the holiday. And the kids' meal design bears the number eight, an auspicious number because it sounds similar to the word for "fortune." Jing Wei's illustration for the number looks like it's made out of noodles.

Reach Agency, a social video-only ad agency, also worked on the campaign. The packaging is in stores until late March.