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Published On
Jan 21, 2020


Chipotle was manually supporting 100-200 in-restaurant fundraisers across the nation every day. With so many franchises and fundraising requests nationally, store managers wrestled with a storm of logistical hassles prepping for events. Chipotle needed a team of innovators who could simplify the tedious fundraiser process.

We moved Chipotle’s tedious, paper-based request and approval process to a custom-built web app. Our tool helps users schedule their event, answers questions, generates flyers, and walks them through the tax process. There’s even a social media portal for market-wide scheduling, social sharing, and more. And thanks to cloud architecture and scalable design, this one-of-a-kind automated online system can grow and grow.

On the creative side of things, we delivered content for emails and materials to promote their community-oriented fundraising efforts. *

60K+ social portal view each month* The social portal allows the public to view information about fundraisers they want to attend.

*400% more fundraisers hosted* Every week, Chipotle hosts more than 1,000 fundraisers, increasing the good they do for nonprofit organizations each year.

*$32MM annual donations generated* Chipotle fundraisers in 2017 raised money for PTOs, youth sports, animal rescues, and other nonprofits.



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