A New Story From Neil Gaiman ... on Chipotle Cups

Famous Authors Line Up to Compose Stories for its 'Cultivating Thought' Series

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Jan 27, 2015

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Author/screenwriter Neil Gaiman, Pulitzer-winner Jeffrey Eugenides, best-selling authors Barbara Kingsolver, Paul Coelho, Amy Tan, "Running With Scissors" scribe Austen Burroughs and "Parks and Recreation" comedian Aziz Ansari are the latest celebrities to debut their writing on Chipotle's cups and bags. Each has composed a short story specifically to appear on the brand's packaging.

The new series marks the restaurant chain's second installment of its "Cultivating Thought" campaign, introduced last May and curated by author Jonathan Safran Foer, in which packaging carries writings from famous authors and thinkers. Mr. Foer came up with the idea while he was sitting in a Chipotle with nothing to read -- not even a smartphone.