Chobani's Latest Ad Features a Lesbian Couple's Intimate Morning

Brand's 'Love This Life' Campaign Continues With Two Women Waking Up

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Jun 16, 2015

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Chobani has become the latest brand to embrace same-sex relationships, with a spot that opens with a lesbian couple waking up in bed and starting their day with Chobani Simply 100.

The ad opens with a woman sitting on the edge of her bed enjoying a cup of Chobani, as her partner slumbers behind her. Only after several seconds in does the spot reveal that her significant other is a woman, who wakes after her better half playfully tickles her foot. The couple, whose diamond bands reveal that they're married, welcome the morning in their beautiful beach-house, where the waves gently toss about on the surf.

The spot continues the brand's $15 million "Love This Life" campaign, which was launched in May, through Opermann Weiss. It focuses on telling the modern American story by quietly emphasizing the role Chobani plays within people's lives in real-life situations, enhanced with a bit of classical storytelling devices -- such as a bard character who provides a folksy musical backdrop. Read more about the latest ad over at,

Other advertisers to have featured same sex couples include Tiffany & Co, Gap and The Knot.