To Teleport or Not to Teleport? A Man Faces a Curious Dilemma in VW's Latest Ad

Noam Murro Directs a Subtly Humorous Spot From DDB Paris

Published On
Apr 13, 2015

Editor's Pick

It's well worth watching to the end of this 90-second VW Golf ad, out of DDB Paris, to appreciate the subtle humor. Beautifully directed by Biscuit Filmworks' Noam Murro, it centers on a young man who had been left a legacy by an eccentric uncle. As he drives to the uncle's crumbling manor house in his gold GTE, we hear the words of a letter, telling the man that since he was the only family member who didn't think the uncle was crazy, he will be the only one to whom he leaves an important invention.

After he finds a secret chamber, it turns out Uncle has invented teleportation -- something that leaves our young man with a dilemma as it inevitably means that cars and roads will become obsolete. As it's a VW ad, you can guess what choice he makes. The endline is "The New Golf GTE. Progress. Improved."