Exhausted Moms Plow Through Their Workouts -- and Duties -- in Inspirational Ads From Dick's

Brand Encourages Women to Take Those Difficult Steps

Published On
May 29, 2015

Editor's Pick

Continuing its "Who Will You Be?" campaign out of Anomaly, Dick's Sporting Goods zeroes in on over-worked, exhausted moms and other women in a series of uplifting ads. A woman's encouraging voiceover asks, "Who will you be at this unholy hour, when no one is watching and the smallest decisions means the most?" Her words carry over familiar scenes from everyday, imperfect life: a living room struck by a toy tornado, a woman groggily waking way before dawn, others struggling to make another rep or master a yoga pose at the gym, pick-up time at school. Another beautiful example of the brand's talent in making heroes out of unexpected athletes.

"'Who Will You Be?' is the question that you ask yourself in those minuscule moments when all of life's mundane hurdles are standing in your way," explained Anomaly CD Seth Jacobs. "The mom that could pick up that playroom for the fourth time that day, or just say, 'Fuck it, it's gonna get messed up again later anyway.' The breakthrough in a yoga class that no one notices but you. The choice to jog to pick up your kids from school as a way to give your kids the chance to walk home with you and deal with a sweaty-faced kiss."

"In a world where sports brand anthems are ubiquitous, we're just trying to be real," he continued. "So we used real women, real stories, all based around a real question that we think sits at the bottom of every athletic moment--'Who Will You Be?'"

"The whole thing was really a toast to my wife and everything she goes through on a daily basis."