Dove Stunt Asks Women to Classify Themselves as 'Beautiful' or 'Average'

Can You Guess What Most Decided?

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Apr 07, 2015

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In Dove's latest stunt to shed light on how women perceive themselves, the brand labeled double doorways of buildings in five major cities -- San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, London and Delhi -- with the words "Beautiful" and "Average" and filmed what women would do when they encountered the different signposts. As it goes with most Dove revelations, the result was eye-opening: the majority of them chose to walk through the "average" entryways, with some only making the "beautiful" exception when they were striding through with a friend or loved one -- someone they deemed worthy of the description.

The brand continues to turn out strong messages reminding women to be more kind to themselves, as seen in this recent film out of France uncovering the harsh reality about their negative self-talk.