Spotify Lets You 'Canadify' Your Music on New York Primary Day

Website Follows Last Month's 'Moving to Canada' Spot

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Apr 18, 2016

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With the New York primary taking place today (April 19), American minds will be very much on the outcome of this year's presidential election. So Spotify has followed up on last month's ad aimed at folks who might decide to move to Canada come November.

According to Spotify, from February to March the term "Move to Canada" has increased over 6,732% on Twitter with additional spikes after most of the primaries. The brand's internal creative team has launched, a desktop and mobile site that lets users "Canadify" their music choices. If they enter the name of their favorite artist and hit '"Canadify," Spotify will recommend a playlist of Canadian artists that fit their particular musical tastes -- whether it's Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber or Bryan Adams.