The Royals Celebrate Christmas (With a Surprise Guest) in Asda's Late-Breaking Spot

Kate's Turkey and Macarons Don't Come From Waitrose

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Dec 19, 2016

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The British royals celebrate Christmas with an Asda feast in a late-breaking social video from the U.K. supermarket, featuring some pretty convincing lookalikes.

The film, by comedy production company Hoot, sees the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arriving at Prince William and Kate's house for Chrismtas lunch, accompanied by Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as well as Prince George and Princess Charlotte. When the Queen and Camilla ask Kate if her food is from Asda's upscale rivals Marks & Spencer's or Waitrose, she smiles enigmatically and eventually reveals that it's from Asda, by patting her bottom in the tradition of Asda's money-saving ad message.

The film ends with a ring on the doorbell. Kate gives Harry a conspiratorial smile, and he goes to answer it -- but who could it be? We don't see her face -- but she's wearing a stars and stripes scarf. Great fun, and we love the cheeky ending.