Interflora Avoids Cliches in Capturing the Heartache of a Clown

Poignant Ad From Denmark Reminds Us to Say It With Flowers Instead

Published On
Dec 03, 2014

Editor's Pick

The tears of a clown may be a cliche, but this Danish TV spot for Interflora crafts a gently poignant story about a circus clown's failed attempts at romance. Directed by Bacon's Martin Werner for agency Brandhouse, it's the gorgeously-filmed tale of a clown who yearns for a beautiful trapeze artist; however, all his attempts to declare his love go wrong. Balloons are sabotaged, a letter is lost and a gift get mixed up with his handkerchiefs in a tragi-comic moment. What makes it memorable is that there is no happy ending. Instead, the ad urges us to "Never stop trying" and to say it with flowers instead.