Land Rover Air Freshener Smells Of The City

Inhale hot asphalt as you drive your off-roader

Published On
Jun 26, 2013

Editor's Pick

When you're out there enjoying the fresh air in your off road vehicle, you mighht just miss the smell of the City. So Land Rover has released a limited edition Air Freshener dubbed "City Scent", a hang-able parody of the classic "Little Tree" disposable air fresheners.
A print ad by Y&R Canada in Canada's Connected For Business magazine directs readers to the brand's microsite prompting them to sign up for information regarding the new Ranger Rover Sport. Readers who sign up with their mailing address will be sent the mock air freshener, which is said to capture the "fresh scent of concrete, smoke, and hot asphalt".
Those who sign up to receive the air fresheners are encouraged to share their experiences by taking photographs of them while on the road, and uploading them onto a Tumblr page.