Audi Features Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent in U.K. Campaign

'Power From a Less Obvious Place' is Tagline of BBH Effort

Published On
Aug 23, 2013

Editor's Pick

Sometimes, you don't have to be the one in the spotlight. Sometimes -- when you're comfortable in your own skin -- you can be just as powerful when you're the sidekick, the mediator or -- the alter-ego. BBH London and Audi speak to the understated luxury of the new RS 6 Avant in a striking print ad featuring Christopher Reeve, in the role he's perhaps second-best known for: Clark Kent. The ad features a black and white photo of the actor in his Superman disguise, along with the tagline "Power from a less obvious place."

An accompanying television spot features boxing champions Steve Cunningham and BJ Floresand as sideliners. The real star of the ad is the man who keeps the match going: boxing referee Tony Weeks. The bout is filmed in such a way that Mr. Weeks remains center frame at all times. In the end, he exits via the tunnel, towards his Audi.