Climate denial meets an abrupt and inevitable end in Fridays For Future spot

Fred and Farid's latest work for Greta Thunberg's organization is timed for a global climate strike

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Sep 24, 2021

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Climate activist Greta Thunberg has called for a global climate strike today, a year after the first strike saw thousands of protests around the world calling for drastic cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. This year’s protests follow dire warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that some damage to the climate from human activity is already inevitable, and immediate action is necessary to prevent widespread destruction.

A new spot for Thunberg’s organization Friday’s For Future from Fred & Farid Los Angeles takes a direct approach to endemic resistance from climate skeptics in business and government.

A well-dressed man strides confidently along the beach, kicking up sand as he dashes toward his goal in the distance. The barrier draws closer, but he doesn’t slow. And as he reaches it…he slams into an immovable wall and crumples to the ground. Of course he does. What did he expect would happen?

The visual metaphor is blunt and effective. Deniers may try to fool themselves into thinking they’re above the simple and inevitable consequences of science. But running headlong toward disaster only makes the comeuppance worse.

“The good news is that scientists believe limiting warming is absolutely technically possible. With renewable energy technologies, changes in farming and transport and other big changes, we can limit warming and avoid even worse outcomes,” said Katharina Maier, an organizer with Fridays For Future U.S. in a statement. “However, most of us are not shifting our way of living, way of consuming, way of traveling, way of producing energy. We are literally collectively running into a wall. This is why we decided to play on this contradiction and the urgency to act to save our planet before it’s too late.”