Advertising icons real and imagined meet in a digital mural from the Clio Awards

The interactive, annotated project celebrates 60 years of the show

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Aug 19, 2019

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For 60 years, the Clio Awards have charted the ebb and flow of advertising. Each year’s awards act as a snapshot of the industry, honoring many of the most famous campaigns of all time and anointing the most successful players and agencies. The show has even made history itself a few times. (The storming of the stage in 1991 is a tale worthy of Kanye and Taylor Swift).

To celebrate six decades of awards, Clio commissioned an interactive, digital mural in the style of a Renaissance painting featuring influential ad men and women, brand mascots and homages to iconic campaigns ranging from understated (a simple can of Guinness, perched in front of Wieden & Kennedy Chairman Susan Hoffman) to eye-catching (the unblinking eyes of the Subservient Chicken).


The mural is a mashup of generations and genres, smashing the fourth wall much like the Kool-Aid Man in the background. Fearless Girl and Barbie adorn alcoves along with Burger King’s The King and Ronald McDonald in a “David” pose. Pioneering adman George Lois stands holding the “Esquire” cover he designed featuring Muhammad Ali. Behind him, the Levi’s Laundry Guy from BBH’s 1985 ad sits in casual undress atop a dryer.

Next to him is a line of notables: Linda Kaplan Thaler, Tom Burrell, the Tango Orange Man, Colonel Sanders, Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein. Keen eyes will spot Mary Wells Lawrence, Piyush Pandey, Colleen DeCourcy, David Ogily, David Droga and David Lubars. (Lots of Daves in advertising, huh?)

A massive Clio Award rises above the gathering, as impatient hopefuls rush at it, enshrining the the 1991 debacle into the mural itself and linking to a 2016 parody of the event by Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally.

The painting, conceived by BBDO Los Angeles and illustrated by Brooklyn-based artist Sam Spratt, is digitally annotated. Viewers can mouse over each reference, highlighting individual people and items. Clicking through reveals more information—a biography, a bit of history or the actual ad to refresh dusty memories.

And for even more Renaissance-inspired ad portraits, check out Ad Age Creativity's star-studded magazine cover from 2008:

Creativity 50 2008 cover
Creativity 50 2008 cover illustrated by Per Haagensen via Shannon Associates



Aug 19, 2019
Agency :
BBDO Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer :
David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer :
Greg Hahn
EVP Group Executive Director :
Matt MacDonald
EVP Managing Director :
Rachel Nairn
EVP Head of Strategy :
Tim Millar
EVP Executive Creative Director :
David Cuccinello
EVP Executive Creative Director :
David Povill
Creative Director Head of Design :
John Moeller
Associate Creative Director :
Will Lindberg
Associate Creative Director :
Toby Brewer
Copywriter :
Danielle Silveri
Executive Producer :
Katie Porter
Art Producer/Print Producer :
Eric Ortega
Content Management Lead :
PD Shindell
Content Manager :
Rustie Burris
Tech & Experience Lead :
Julien Chaillou
Senior QA Engineer :
Jimmy McGee
Production Artist :
Antoine Moore
Account Director :
Rachel Greenlee
Account Supervisor :
Rebecca Hanson
Account Supervisor :
Liz Weakley
Senior Account Executive :
Malia Blew
Account Coordinator :
Kiana Smith
Senior Brand Strategist :
Alex Morrison
VP Director of Project Management :
Colin Vidika
Senior Project Manager :
Cornelia Berg
Artist :
Sam Spratt
Production :
BBDO Studios
Studios Lead :
Michael Gentile
Director/Photographer :
Koji Yahagi
Inside Props Master :
Gino Fortebuono
Production Assistant :
Alex Mirza
Producer :
Jeff Reagan
Post Production :
Editor :
Martin Henson
Sound Engineer :
John Cabrera
Post Producer :
Danielle Knight
Animator :
Zane Gould
Music :
Beacon Street Studios
Composer/Partner :
Andrew Feltenstein
Composer/Partner :
John Nau
Producer :
Leslie DiLullo
Website :
Developer :
Savana Fernandes
Developer :
Bryan Daul
Producer :
Kate Bresnahan
Producer :
Amy Thorne
Art Director :
Kory Brocious

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