New York Lottery : Cloned

Campaign Communicates: Winning the Lottery is Like Having an Extra Paycheck

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Jul 31, 2013

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The New York Lottery's "Pay Me!" game, which launches today has 12 chances to win up to $1 million -- it's like an extra payday. DDB New York communicates that you don't have to work two jobs to get two paydays with a series of delightfully illustrated animated posters, each showing someone working double time -- such as an ice-cream truck owner who also uses his truck as an ambulance.

There's also a dentist who is a tattoo artist (ouch) and a funeral director who happens to work as a magician on the side as well. The ads will run in New York in subways, on bus shelters and on phone booths.

An accompanying television spot, "Cloned," directed by O Positive's David Shane, features an office worker who decided to clone his boss so he can get two paychecks.