Canal+ Launches New Channel With the Help of Dwarf Clowns

BETC Paris and Steve Rogers Come Together in a Coulrophobic's Nightmare

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Sep 12, 2013

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If you have coulrophobia, best not to watch this commercial for Canal+, the channel that brought you the amazing "The Bear."

Created via BETC Paris, the spot is a bit of a surrealism that features a bunch of dwarf clowns frantically trying to get a man's attention as he goes about his busy, busy day. Why? A flashback tells you. Steve Rogers directs, out of Wanda.

The ad is to launch a new channel by Canal+ that is dedicated to television series, and shows exactly what happens when you get addicted to a good television show -- the idea of binge-watching that Netflix has capitalized on so well.

In a statement, chief creative officer and president of BETC Paris said that the reason the agency picked dwarf clowns was because "in great series there's often something a bit odd about the unusual characters that makes you become attached to them."