Are Clowns Awesome or Scary? Depends if You've Watched Enough TV

Canal Digital Is Back With More Warnings on the Dangers of Ignoring TV

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Mar 02, 2015

Editor's Pick

Canal Digital's The Silver Hand was one of our favorite commercials of the past few months, and now the cable company's Scandinavian arm has teamed up with director Bart Timmer of Bacon once again to make two more funny ads.

This time the agency is TBWA Stockholm but the message remains the same -- ignore cult TV references at your peril. The two spots center on situations that could go horribly wrong if you haven't watched enough TV. For example, as seen here, if you work in a bank and think a bunch of guys bursting in wearing clown masks is just ... adorable. Or, if you hear the noise of a chainsaw outside in the dead of night and think it's a good opportunity to go and ask this kind person to help you with some gardening.