A Butterfingered Son Exasperates His Loving Dad in This Delightful HP Spot

Ad Promotes the Brand's Spill-Free Ink Refill System

Published On
Apr 28, 2017

Editor's Pick

A delightful new spot for HP, airing in Latin America, promotes the brand's spill-free ink cartridge refill system by showing that even the most butterfingered guy in the world can cope with them.

The ad, created by BBDO Mumbai and directed by Peter Dietrich via Dreamcatchers, is a father-and-son tale. Right from the word go, the son shows a stunning lack of co-ordination, dropping drinks, books, bags and soccer balls to the exasperation of his long-suffering dad. He's the kind of guy who drops his ice cream on his date, throws his dancing partner, adds too much chilli to the pan and drops his car keys down the drain.

So when he's working with his dad, and charged with refilling the printer, disaster seemingly looms. Luckily, the refill system is totally butterfinger-proof. It's good-natured fun that'll have you cracking a smile.