CNN quietly snaps back at Trump's Twitter spree, likens misinformation to the coronavirus

FIG debuts new ads in the 'Facts First' campaign

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May 12, 2020

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In late March, CNN debuted a new ad asserting the importance of putting “Facts First” amid the swirl of misinformation around the pandemic—some of that disseminated during President Trump’s coronavirus press briefings. Weeks later, as parts of the country are poised for a phased reopening, the POTUS continues to deflect and distract from health officials’ warnings through his social platforms

Two new ads from the news network and its agency FIG remind viewers to look to facts, not Tweets and other dubious sources, as they make decisions around the coronavirus. The spots also seem to pick apart Trump’s messaging strategy around the crisis so far. 

“We will defeat this virus. Not with politics. Not with impatience, deflection or blame. And definitely not with tweets,” one reads.

The spot arrives on the heels of Trump’s near-record Twitter spree of more than 100 Tweets in one day on Sunday, just as U.S. deaths from the coronavirus approached 80,000. Since then, the toll has surpassed that, with the U.S. suffering the most coronavirus deaths of any country.

A second ad makes a compelling comparison between COVID-19 and misinformation around it. “A virus needs hosts to spread. The same is true of misinformation. If we listen to experts, we can stop the spread of both,” it says.