Coca-Cola : A011 Energy Efficient Vending Machine

Now vending machines are being nice to the environment.

Published On
Jun 29, 2012

Editor's Pick

Vending machines have been all the rage these days--but, perhaps are on the verge of losing their innovative luster in the advertising/marketing community. Yet, this latest contraption from Coke deserves a big green shout out.

The marketer partnered with Fuji Electric Retail Systems to develop the A011 energy-efficient vending machine that powers up the cooling process at night, when there's a surplus of energy available, and turns off during the day. The machine is also equipped with more sophisticated insulation to keep its insides cool, even when it's hot outside, and to prevent cold air from escaping. It's able to keep drinks chilled for 16 hours without any electricity. The machine has yet to be mass produced and is currently being field tested in for two months in the hottest regions of Japan.