Coke paints Santa in a new light in global holiday spot about 'accepting difference'

Ad by Santo points out he's a foreign guy breaking into your home

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Nov 26, 2019

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Is Coke getting just a little bit political in its global holiday ad this year?

A campaign by Argentinean agency Santo, running in diverse markets, puts a new perspective on Coke's long-running association with Santa Claus. It points out that he's actually a "strange man from a mysterious land who's looking to sneak into our home" and who "uses darkness as a cover to smuggle dubious packages after gathering information about us."  (So, a combination of drug dealer, burglar and Facebook then?)

However, the spot goes on to point out that despite all this, we welcome him -- and to say that "It doesn't matter how different we seem if we chose to see the good in other people." The tagline is "what we share is stronger."

The spot, directed by Pucho Mentasti via Blue Films, is running in markets including Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, the U.K., France, Spain, Portugal and Japan -- but doubtless its message could apply in many other countries in the current political climate, including the U.S.


Nov 26, 2019
Client :
Agency :
Maxi Anselmo
Director of Creative Strategy :
Sebastian Wilhelm
Chief Creative Officer :
Maxi Itzkoff
Executive Creative Director :
Ariel Chiesa
Executive Creative Director :
Dario Porterie
General Account Director :
Florencia Spinetta
Account Director :
Sabrina Santos
Production Director :
Leandro Sussman
Production Assistant :
Juan Ignacio Contino
Production Company :
Director :
Pucho Mentasti
Executive Producer :
Gonzalo Fontana
Line Producer :
Rosario Rodriguez Cappa
Director of Photography :
Nicolás Puenzo
Edit :
Vanesa Ferrario
Post Production Image :
Post Production Image :
Bitt Animation
Post Production Image :
Executive Producer :
Camila De Biaggi
SFX/ Post Supervisor :
Alvin Cruz
SFX/ Post Supervisor :
Marcos Ferrari
SFX/ Post Supervisor :
Gaston Musarra
Executive Producer :
Chris Connolly
Executive Producer :
Mariana Motta
Executive Producer :
Martin Musarra
Sound Design :
Bamba Music
Executive Producer :
Manana Fraga - Tomás Becu
Director of Short Videos :
Dante Anselmo
Client :
Rafael Prandini
Client :
Alejandro Ferrer
Client :
Carlos Peñaherrera
Client :
Daniela Cordova
Client :
Alejandro Melcón Ordóñez
Client :
Cristina Ordóñez
Client :
Luis Pedro Estrada
Client :
Ana Isabel Carrión
Client :
Erica Tomás

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