Coca-Cola : Mirage -- Super Bowl XLVII

Gamifying the Big Game.

Published On
Jan 22, 2013

Editor's Pick

After last year's interactive Super Bowl outing featuring some pretty adorable polar bears, Coke is back with another attempt to win this year's Big Game advertising. The brand is trying to "gamify the game" with the launch of a 60-second spot that depicts three teams trying to get to a giant bottle of Coke -- and asks viewers to help them via social media. This teaser, created by Wieden & Kennedy, shows three groups --badlanders, cowboys and showgirls -- racing through the desert in pursuit of a bottle of Coke. But the spot closes with a cliffhanger, as the groups realize the bottle was simply a sign. Another sign points them "50 miles ahead." In a twist reminiscent of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series, consumers will sabotage competitors and choose who wins the Coke, ultimately choosing the 30-second spot that will air post game. Read more about the effort in our Super Bowl coverage.