Coca-Cola Reveals Streamlined New Packaging Design

Cans and Bottles Will Be More Uniform in Designs Rolling Out in Spain

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Mar 09, 2015

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Coca-Cola recently announced a streamlined, singular design system for its beverage line in the Spanish market, which until now has featured three distinct styles.

All the Coke beverages, including Original, Coca-Cola Light and Coke Zero will now feature a unified look, with the Coke swirl acting as an "equator" of sorts running across the middle of cans and bottle labels.

The top halves of the containers or labels will all be red, featuring the Coke logo and variety name, while the bottom half will feature a different color to distinguish the product. For the latter, original Coke will have red, Zero will have black while Light will have silver. A gold "swirl" will indicate if it's a caffeine-free version of the drink.

Along with the new Spain designs, Coke has made tweaks to designs of containers in 11 northwestern European markets and in the U.S., according to Ad Age. In Europe, they will feature a "monocolor" design (slide #2 above), while in the U.S., like the Spain bottles and cans, the logo will now run horizontally, rather than vertically (slide #3).