Coca-Cola : No Moving

Coke tries your patience with its final brain teaser.

Published On
Apr 24, 2012

Editor's Pick

Today, Coca-Cola and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam released the final puzzle in its series of Facebook timeline brain teasers. The riddle goes as follows (Warning: Spoiler follows last line.)

This sitelet is special,
and will require all your attention.
And If you're doing it right,
it will relieve all your tension.
You will need to be totally still,
You're using meditation as a skill. Your camera will be used for proving
That while you relax, there's No_ _ _ _ _ _ .com.

The puzzle leads fans to the site, where they will be challenged (via webcam) to sit completely still. Those who have the patience, and concentration, will be rewarded with a gorgeous Asian-themed animation that eventually takes you rocketing through space.