Mobile Brand Three Wants You to Go 'Cold Turkey' on Smartphones for Christmas

Don't Let Devices Ruin the Festive Season, Warns Social Campaign

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Dec 16, 2016

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U.K. mobile network Three is urging customers to go "cold turkey" on their phones for Christmas in a social media campaign encouraging us all to be more mindful over the holidays.

A humorous video, created by Gravity Road, shows a series of vignettes demonstrating how phones could ruin Christmas -- from endless attempts to Instagram the turkey or Santa, to a carol singer answering a call while carolling or someone unplugging the Christmas tree to charge their phone. Running on Facebook and Instagram, the film was directed by Ben and Gabe Turner at Fulwell 73, the creators of "Carpool Karaoke" for James Corden's Late Late Show.

Three isn't the first mobile brand to encourage its customers to detox from their devices over the holidays; last year, Verizon launched an ad encouraging people to power down their phones and spend more time with their family. Perhaps, like warning us not to use our phones and drive, mobile brands are finally waking up to the responsibility they have for our physical and mental health.

Lianne Norry, director of brand and communications at Three, said in a statement: "We all know people who are literally glued to their phone even on Christmas day. We obviously love mobile at Three but we think spending time with family and friends is more important sometimes. So why not turn the phone off this Christmas and go Cold Turkey just for one day."