This Disturbing Twitter Account Gives Daily Updates on the Number of Gun Deaths in the U.S

Numbers, and Sounds of Gunshots, Paint a Sobering Picture Every Day

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Jan 24, 2018

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Yesterday the U.S. suffered yet another mass shooting, this time at Kentucky's Marshall County High School. And the tragedies continue-- as one horrific event falls out of the news cycle, (dare we say it) likely another will emerge.

Seattle agency Cole & Weber, fed up with our inability to find a solution to the problem, is at least trying to keep the issue top of mind with what may be the most disturbing Twitter account ever: @DailyGunDeaths.

There, every day, the agency updates followers on the number of gun violence deaths in the U.S. in the previous 24 hours--not with dazzling infographics, but a well-edited video that lists off, to a barrage of gunshot sounds, exactly how many people died in different parts of the country. Although fairly straightforward, the combination of sights and sound make it a disturbing watch.

According to Executive Creative Director Jason Black, the idea was inspired by one of the agency's staffers, whose friend was shot during the Las Vegas tragedy. Fortunately, that friend survived but " It made us stop and ask ourselves what more we can do by using our own talents and creativity to drive awareness of the daily gun deaths happening every day in America," he says.

The agency then briefed a team and ultimately came up with the Twitter idea, which involves the automated production of a video each morning that pulls data on number of deaths, and where they occurred--including street locations of the shootings. The initiative targets politicians, aids, influencers and media.

The account debuted on January 1, but sadly, today it seems especially relevant given the Marshall County incidents. "A mass shooting is defined as four or more shootings in one location, but it's our belief that mass shootings happen every single day in America, just not all in one place," Black says. "Yesterday, 31 people died from a gunshot wound and 876 people have died so far this year."


Jan 24, 2018
Cole & Weber-Seattle
Cole & Weber-Seattle

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