Marista School Network : College Kid Hair Turns into Diamonds

Strands of hair undergo a miraculous transformation.

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Jan 24, 2013

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In Brazil, when you get into college, one of the celebratory traditions is to get a haircut. The country's Marista's School Network, which helps prep kids for higher education, is turning this ritual on its head by transforming students' hair into--wait for it--a diamond!

The strange move, conceived out of Brazil's Espalhe Guerilla Marketing, is an attempt to spark activity on the school network's Facebook page. The diamond is meant to represent the achievements of the school's students and show that their hard work pays off. The school will gather strands of hair from its students who pass college entrance exam. High pressure will be applied to them to extract the carbon, which will then be incubated and heated to 1500 degrees. The process will yield a rough stone, which will then be cut into a more traditional diamond shape.


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