Doritos Will Fire Laptops at Watermelons Today on Periscope

Brand Promotes its Collisions Flavorings by Crashing Objects Together

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Sep 30, 2015

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If you've ever wanted to see a rubber chicken collide with eggs, laptops with watermelons, or a lava lamp with a bowling ball, get over to Doritos Canada's Twitter account today and take a look.

The brand is promising to fire various objects at each other in a Periscope broadcast from noon today (EST) that promotes its "Collisions" flavorings (habanero and guacamole flavors found in every limited edition bag (according to BBDO Toronto, the agency behind the campaign, they're really delicious).

Leading up to the 12-hour long Periscope broadcast, the Doritos Canada Twitter account released 24 pairs of objects and let fans vote on the ones they wanted to see fired at each other using "Collisions" Cannons, custom-made compressed air launching devices. The top 12 fan-selected results will be live-streamed on the hour, every hour, with videographer Shin Sugino capturing the collisions and repeating them in slow-mo.