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Lowe SSP3's Annual Campaign Enlists 30 Mothers of Members of FARC

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Dec 17, 2013

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Every year, the Colombian Ministry of Defense works with agency Lowe SSP3 to launch a campaign that's not for any brand, nor is it even designed to sell something. It's simply a call to ask Colombia's guerilla fighters to put down their weapons and return home. It has previously decorated Christmas trees in the jungle, floated giant balls filled with messages and gifts down the river insurgents use, and lit the sky with beacons to guide people escaping camps at night.

Now, it goes straight for the heartstrings, with appeals coming from people who might be closest to the guerilla fighters: their own moms. The campaign features a heartbreaking spot featuring mothers of the fighters talking about their kids, holding up photos of them. At the end, a message reads: "Before being a guerilla, you are my son." An accompanying print campaign shows family pictures of today's armed fighters as kids with moms' messages. Ads end with the line, "This Christmas, we're waiting for you at home. Demobilize." 30 mothers whose children are members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as FARC, are involved in the campaign. Read more about it on