It's Colonel Vs. Colonel in KFC's Super Bowl Ad

It's the First Time Two of the Spokescharacters Have Appeared on Screen Together

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Jan 31, 2017

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KFC is doubling down in its first official Super Bowl commercial, showcasing two of its celebrity colonels in a fourth-quarter spot.

The "Colonel vs. Colonel" commercial features Georgia Gold Colonel Billy Zane, who made his colonel debut in late January, and Kentucky Buckets Colonel Rob Riggle, who has been on air promoting KFC's fictitious football team throughout the 2016-2017 NFL season.

During the 15-second spot, Mr. Zane pushes the new Georgia Gold chicken in his gold coating and gold office as Mr. Riggle's character tries to interrupt him, albeit largely unsuccessfully.

KFC's decision to snag a spot during the Super Bowl comes as competition in the fried chicken category heats up. Along with KFC's Georgia Gold launch last week, Yum Brands sibling Taco Bell began selling its Naked Chicken Chalupa. Smaller rival Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen continues to promote limited-time flavors such as cajun wings. Other brands seeing strength in fried chicken include sector leader Chick-fil-A, while Shake Shack's chicken sandwich has been a hot seller and burger-focused Wendy's is promoting a Spicy Sriracha chicken sandwich.

A trio of longer teaser videos for YouTube show more of the KFC colonels' interaction, including a game of rock, paper, scissors, arm wrestling and a tense-meets-funny fireside chat over whether there is only one real colonel, all of which takes place in the golden lair presumably occupied by Mr. Zane's spokescharacter.

The spot and teasers are the latest work for KFC from Wieden & Kennedy in the colonels-focused advertising campaign, which has featured a growing list of celebrities donning Colonel Sanders' white suit since it began running in 2015.

The new work, including the Super Bowl commercial, marks the first time two of the celebrity colonels have been shown on screen together.

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