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Sep 01, 2011

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CLOO' turns residential bathrooms into public ones with this app project from a team of student developers. Here's how the idea works: We're all connected through friends of friends. When you need to go, you open up CLOO' and it shows how many nearby bathrooms belong to a friend of a friend's. Or a friend of a friend of a friend's. You request access, and you pay (approx. the cost of a latte) and then do your business. The developers are also hoping to get sponsorship from brands like Scott's Toilet Paper so restrooms are always stocked.

The team is currently interviewing developers and trying to secure funding. If it goes through -- all of the city could soon be filled with bathrooms. And the lines at Starbucks would definitely decrease (and maybe get less smelly).


Sep 01, 2011
Art Director:
Hillary Young
Art Director:
Deanna McDonald

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