Everybody Dance Now! Zumba Debuts Its First-Ever TV Spot

180LA Helps Get the People Grooving

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Sep 05, 2014

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Let's be honest: Hitting any kind of exercise class can be intimidating. From spin to water aerobics, there are all kinds of reasons to worry. (Is everybody else in better shape? Are you doing it right? Should you really be this winded?)

Dance fitness company Zumba has enlisted creative agency 180LA to help potential participants see the bigger (and less perfect) picture with "Let It Move You," a campaign introducing the Zumba Instructor Network's new mantra to the public.

The phrase is meant to elicit "a feeling that moves you not only in the physical sense, but also emotionally -- it's a powerful feeling that stays with you long after the Zumba class is over," Zumba CEO and co-founder Alberto Perlman told Creativity.

For 180LA Chief Creative Officer William Gelner, the challenge wasn't establishing brand recognition so much as understanding. "Everyone's heard of Zumba, but they're not totally sure what it is," he said. "They figure it's a class where you do some sort of Latin or forbidden dance. The one thing we've found to be so true about the brand is that it becomes so much fun. It's a blast."

This first spot, set to debut on national TV Sept. 17, shows just that. People in everyday situations are overcome with the need to bust a move when a sick beat drops.

In regard to casting, Gelner discussed the democratic spirit of Zumba classes: "Everyone from all walks of life, every body shape and size, age and gender feels stoked to be there," he said.

180LA will follow up with a campaign for Zumba apparel involving social media and an e-commerce platform.


Sep 05, 2014
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
180 LA
Managing Partner, Chairman :
Chris Mendola
Chief Creative Officer :
William Gelner
Creative Director/ Copywriter :
Janet Champ
Creative Director, Art Director :
Marta Ibarrondo
Head of Production :
Natasha Wellesley
Producer :
Kevin Diller
Account Manager :
Jessica DeLillo
Production Company :
Director :
Managing Director :
Dave Morrison
Executive Producer :
Jeff MacDougall
Bidding Producer :
Jenn Ingalls
Head of Production :
Amanda Clune
Producer :
Ed Callaghan
Services Company :
Capital Media Company
Executive Producer :
Christian Allen
Head of Production :
Keely Stothers
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Executive Producer :
Jerry Sukys
Producer :
Annie Maldonado
Editor :
Paul Norling
Assistant Editor :
Ryan Dahlman
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Company 3
Colorist :
Stefan Sonnenfeld
Online :
Method Studios
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Lime Studios
Music :
Diplo - "Express Yourself" (featuring Nicky Da B)
Music Supervisor :
Sara Matarazzo
Copywriter :
Daniel Chen
Strategic Planner :
Carolina Walter-Tristao

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