Ikea Kitchens Are the Backdrop for a Lovable Tale of Family Deceit

Clever Boy Knows His Way Around a Good Meal

Published On
Feb 05, 2016

Editor's Pick

Ikea tapped Buzzman Paris to show off its kitchen line with a surprising tale about a non-traditional family. The son of divorced parents makes his regular visit to his father's place. As he jokes around and plays catch-up with Dad, he reveals to him that day after day, all his mother serves him is macararoni.

A look of surprise takes over Pops' face as he jumps into action and throws together. with finesse, an amazing looking stir-fry. The story could end right there, on a father-son bonding moment as the two share the delicious meal together, and it would serve as another of the cute celebrations of dad-hood that have come out recently.

But the spot cuts back to Mom's, where she too is overcome with shock when her boy tells her that every night, all his father serves him is -- macaroni. The spot then ends with the tag, "Cooking is caring."