This Coors Light slide tells your anxious coworkers to chill out

Campaign from Mischief addresses those anonymous ferrets stalking that shared project

Published On
Apr 22, 2022

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You’ve been there. You’re in the throes of creating a masterpiece for work in a shared online doc—maybe a big pitch speech or strategy deck—when all of a sudden the “Anonymous Ferret” pops up to stalk (or criticize) your every move. Virtual weigh-ins from colleagues may be a familiar dynamic in the modern-day workplace, but they’re not always conducive to the best productivity. 

So Coors Light has stepped in to help. In a fun digital campaign from Mischief, the brand has unveiled “CoorSlide,” an actual presentation slide that you can drop into your online project that not-so-subtly tells your colleague to leave you be.

Folks can find it on and just copy it to paste over their current project. Any intrusive coworkers who drops in will be distracted by the promise of cold brew—it tells them that if they text “SLIDE” to 49375, they’ll get a free 6-pack of Coors Light (via rebate, that is).

 “We’ve had two years of Anonymous Ferret all up in our cyber business, digitally hovering over our shoulders in shared docs,” said Mischief Creative Rafa Beretta in a statement. “ Look, it’ll be ready when it’s ready—until then, chill with a Coors Light,”  added fellow creative Rapha Franzini.