Snoop Dogg drops his first ads for Corona

The brew, which struck a marketing deal with the rapper earlier this year, releases its first ‘La Vida Más Fina’ ad

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Aug 17, 2020

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When it comes to mind-altering substances, Snoop is most-identified with gin and juice, and, of course, weed. But starting this week the rapper is lending his chill vibe to a Mexican beer brand. Corona, which confirmed its Snoop partnership earlier this year, today unveiled his first ads as part of the brew's new “La Vida Más Fina” campaign.

The spots, which come from MullenLowe L.A., show Snoop on the beach. The shoreline is familiar terrain for the brew, which has long used the tagline, “Find Your Beach.” But the new ads attempt to lend star power to the brand’s marketing. Snoop teased the ads on his Instagram page Sunday evening and the post by Monday afternoon had racked up more than 600,000 views. The tagline translates to “The Fine Life.”

The TV ads, which will get airplay during the National Basketball Association Playoffs, include one (above) that juxtaposes relaxing with a beer and social media addiction—“what he said, she said, can’t even follow the thread ... down the hole we all go,” says Snoop, before sitting down in a beach chair with a Corona. 

Referencing the pandemic, the brand in a press release notes that “the campaign began to take shape earlier this year but was paused as unexpected cultural considerations came into play.” But curiously the ads have not been adjusted for the social distancing reality of today. The aforementioned ad begins with a beach bar scene in which no one is wearing a mask or giving anyone six feet of space. (The ads were shot in Long Beach, California and Tulum, Mexico. Some scenes were shot pre-pandemic.)

This is not the first time Snoop has repped a beer brand. He had a marketing deal with Colt 45 several years ago, but later became embroiled in a legal dispute with brand owner Pabst Brewing Company.



Watch the other ad here.