A Mother Agonizes Over Her Daughter's Perfect Costume in This Heartwarming Spot From Allegro

You Might Say the Little One Is Torturing Her, But There's a Good Reason for It

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Apr 11, 2017

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Parents might relate to the mother's anguish in this spot from Polish auction site Allegro from agency Bardzo.

A little girl brings home an invitation for her school's costume party, so her mom emarks on a mission to find her daughter the perfect get-up. But hurdles arise as she agonizes over various possibilities, shopping, sewing, searching, designing and sewing some more. They spot a classmate wearing the same fairy attire, and then the girl doesn't exactly warm to Mama's dinosaur, astronaut, mummy and rain cloud creations.

Just as the mother's about to give up, her little one spots the perfect thing to wear on Allegro -- a totally simple, plain red dress.The exhausted, frustrated mom gives in and orders it.

When the girl arrives at the party, she walks in confident and proud, as if she's queen of the ball. Mom remains baffled, until she discovers what her girl was aspiring to look like the whole time.

Rodrigo García Saiz off Central Films directed the ad.