will reward you for enduring 24 hours of non-stop holiday music

Lasting a day in’s decked out room can score you prizes

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Dec 13, 2021

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Everyone knows that person—someone who goes all out decking halls and trimming trees during the holiday season. Someone whose yard is crowded with lights, candy canes and blow-up Santas. Someone who sings holiday tunes for months before and after December. The latest campaign from is for that person. Santa

The “Not-So-Silent-Night Challenge” is either a dream for those with hearts made of tinsel or an apocalyptic hell for the seasonal Scrooge. spruced up a hotel room at The Fairmont on The Magnificent Mile in Chicago for one lucky winner who thinks they have the co-jornaments to withstand 24 hours straight of holiday music.

In addition to non-stop carols, the suite features a light-up dance floor, karaoke machine, plastic Santa DJ, ornament disco ball and a morning wake up video call from NSYNC singer Lance Bass. Oh and a $1,000 travel stipend and $500 room service budget for jolly bellies as well.

Hotels holiday dance floor

“The ‘Not-So-Silent Night Challenge’ takes the ‘love it or leave it’ conversation that surrounds holiday music every year to a new extreme,” said Bass in a statement. “I’m excited to send a wake-up call to the lucky guests, although they might be too busy jamming out to sleep much! has taken festive holiday stays to a new level and, as someone who lives for this season, I am here for it.”

The two-night stay (endless holiday music optional for the second day) will take place December 19-21 and holiday obsessives can apply to win the experience on the campaign’s website. Should the winner survive the 24-hour jam fest, they’ll win 25 hotel nights directly to their rewards account.

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